This is the Original Elegant Derby Necklace. Original digital artwork is hand painted, and then showcased under glass inside silver-plated components. A tiny, delicate roller skate charm completes the message: Derby Forever. You can wear this lovely piece everywhere--even to work. Choose your team's colors and then show off your pride. Just a hint of glitter will catch the eye upon first glance. The components are sterling silver-plated, and the skate charm is solid sterling silver. We all know a skater who needs one of these! Derby skaters also have birthdays. And anniversaries. And celebrate Valentine's day. And marry each other at Rollercon. This gift is elegant and will be cherished. When ordering, choose the color you want, and indicate in the notes section which style you want: Jammer, Blocker, or Double Threat. Update: I have many of these available--ask about a large purchase for all of your team, if you want to get your girls together on a buy. There will be a discount for bulk purchases! Necklaces are available with a black background. Black with: Gold (Double Threat only) Silver (Double Threat only) Red Orange Green Blue Purple Also, all of those colors are available in the new "double threat" style, which combines the pivot stripe with the jammer star. Awesome!
Handmade blocker, jammer, and double threat necklaces. Sterling silver!
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